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The opossum (Virginia opossum) is a unique mammal called a marsupial, because the female, like the kangaroo, has an abdominal pouch for carrying her young. In fact, it is the only marsupial found north of Mexico. Opossum are the size of a house cat with light gray hair and a tail that is rat like and about 12 inches long. The female opossum has between six to thirteen young; they stay in the mother's pouch for up to three months. Opossum are sluggish animals, with a small territory of usually only a few hundred yards.

The Opossum's diet is varied and includes fish, birds, mushrooms, fruit, eggs and insects.

Opossum usually become pest problems when they move into garages, under buildings or crawl spaces. Their den would be a hole in the ground (see pictures).

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Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control traps Opossum with live cage traps and relocates them five miles away.

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