Snake Removal

Snake problem? Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control offers snake control & removal throughout Southern CT

Common Types of Snakes in Connecticut

The majority of Snakes in Connecticut are harmless. These snakes are: 

  • The Garter Snake
  • Ribbon Snake
  • Ring Neck Snake
  • Northern Black Racer
  • Black Rat Snake (Eastern)
  • Worm Snake
  • Red Bellied Snake
  • Smooth Green Snake
  • Water Snake
  • Hog-Nosed Snake
  • Brown Snake
  • Eastern Milk Snake

There are two venomous snakes found in Connecticut, although they are seldom encountered in most areas of Connecticut, they are: 

  • The Copperhead 
  • The North Timber Rattlesnake

The most common snakes encountered in Connecticut are the Garter Snake, the Ring Neck Snake, and the Black Snake.

All snakes are beneficial and should not be needlessly killed as they do provide many helpful environmental duties; people who dislike snakes should bear in mind that snakes are predators of mice, rats, insects, toads, frogs, and salamanders. 

Keeping Snakes Out

Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control offers three primary approaches to removing snakes and alleviating snake problems. 

  1. Physically removing the snake from the property using humane snake tongs. 
  2. Using a snake repellent which is a very successful method for keeping snakes away from the foundation of a building for up to two months. 
  3. Trapping the snake and removing it in a trap. 

Most snake problems occur mid to end of August when the young arrive.

Often times a snake issue is a sign of a larger rodent/mouse issue as they snakes are present due to their being a food source for them- the mice or rodents. For more information about mice removal or monthly service programs please go to those sections of the website. 

If you live in southern Connecticut and need a snake removed from your property, call the licensed and insured animal control professionals at Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control at (860)395-6473.