Skunk Removal

Skunk Information: 

Skunks are members of the weasel family. The striped skunk is the most common in Connecticut and is about the size of a large house cat. Skunks mate in the late winter with young being born in late Spring. There are usually four to six young per litter. The young skunks usually leave the mother and set out on their own by Autumn.

Skunks' diets vary but include grubs, Crickets, grasshoppers, mice, moles, voles and rats. They will often dig for grubs (the Japanese Beetle Grub is a favorite) creating holes the size of golf balls in the lawn. These holes in the lawn are usually concentrated in one area at first then spread as the skunk moves around. The best deterrent for this kind of Skunk activity is to treat your lawn for grubs or remove the offending skunk from your property.

Skunk dens are usually underground—under garages, porches and low decks.

Skunks usually have a home range of about two city blocks, this is their foraging area at night- skunks are nocturnal animals. However, skunks often get caught wondering around in strange territory after the sun rises forcing the skunk to seek temporary refuge wherever they can find it. (Such as open garage doors, under sheds, under overturned boats, etc.). If you see a skunk out in the daytime you should immediately contact local authorities and Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control at (860)395-6473.

Preventative Activities  

Preventative actions you can take to reduce the occurrence of skunk issues from your property are: 

  1. Treat Property for Grubs in order to reduce feeding options for skunks
  2. Trap and remove skunks from property
  3. Construct exclusionary fencing to permanently prevent skunks from taking up residence under your structures. 

Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control offers professional installation of exclusionary fencing using the highest quality materials, all work is guaranteed.

If you live in southern Connecticut and have a skunk problem, call the licensed and insured animal control professionals at Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control at (860)395-6473.

Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control is Southern Connecticut's leading skunk control experts. Call today!
Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control is Southern Connecticut's leading skunk control experts. Call today!