Raccoon Removal

Has a raccoon found its way into your home or business?

Raccoons are found throughout the lower forty eight states. When they are threatened or cornered they WILL use their claws and teeth to counter attack. Like humans they can be playful and curious, using their front paws to grasp, hold and manipulate food and objects to examine them. They are usually not far from a water source where they hunt and play all night.

During particularly cold spells the raccoon may sleep for several days at a time but does not actually hibernate. When raccoons occupy a building they urinate and poop inside the building and carry with them a long list of parasites and disease such as rabies, roundworms, fleas, ticks and bed bugs.

Raccoons often become a nuisance when they raid garbage cans, tear up lawns or use chimneys, attics and under buildings as dens.

Raccoons mate in January or February. After about two months’ gestation period, three to six young are born. Mother raccoons are very protective of their young and great caution should be taken before interactions are made.

The family group, minus Dad, is very sociable, remaining together for about one year. Adult raccoons can weigh up to thirty pounds. Raccoons are nocturnal animals (active at night).

Keeping Raccoons Out


Homeowners can prevent raccoons from raiding trash cans by damping the lids down with bungee cords, To further prevent raccoons from nesting in chimneys the homeowner can install a chimney cap to prevent animals from occupying the chimney.

One must be careful around raccoons because of Rabies! Any raccoon moving around in the daylight must be considered a possible sick animal and you should not try to go near it.

Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control captures raccoons in live cage traps and removes the problem animals from the property.

If you live in southern Connecticut and have a nuisance raccoon, call the licensed and insured professionals at Safeway Wildlife Control at (860)395-6473

Raccoon removal, raccoon trapping, Southern CT's raccoon specialist. Call Ron today at (860)395-6473
Raccoon removal, raccoon trapping, Southern CT's raccoon specialist. Call Ron today at (860)395-6473