Chipmunk Removal

Chipmunk Facts & Information

Eastern Chipmunks are small rodents that are related to the Gray Squirrel. Chipmunks usually live in underground burrows (which can extend up to 30 feet), but are also found in building walls and wood piles. They are brown in color with a darker brown and white stripe down their back. Their tails are furry and short. They are cute and often enter homes through small holes around the foundation.

Chipmunk Facts

  • Chipmunks, like squirrels, have two litters per year, one in the early spring and the second in the late summer with each litter having approximately four young.
  • A Chipmunk's diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruit and insects.

How Safeway Can Help

Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control will trap chipmunks in live cage traps and relocate them at least five miles away from the property.

If you live in southern Connecticut and you're experiencing issues with Chipmunks finding their way into your home, foundation, attic, or crawlspace, give the fully licensed and insured animal control experts at Safeway Wildlife & Pest Control a call at (860)395-6473.

Chipmunk removal, chipmunk trapping, chipmunk  removal in Connecticut
Chipmunk removal, chipmunk trapping, chipmunk removal in Connecticut